15 December 2010

Our Baby Items have been delivered just in time for Christmas!

I have awesome news ladies! Since we've all been busy busy and haven't had a chance to get together to take the bins of baby items in, I had Chris take them in and drop them off today!

He spoke to Lisa at St. Vincent's. She is the contact for The Children's Miracle Network there. Chris said she was so happy because there are many little ones leaving the hospital today, and that have left already, who didn't even have a blanket or hat! Last he saw her, she was headed upstairs to dig through our goodies :)

I think our assumption that others are donating to the hospital as well was wrong! We should think about making more since winter has only just started and there will be so many more babies without warm blankets to go home in. Then maybe we could take a field trip in to drop off the next batch?

I'm so very happy that we were able to get the blankets, booties, and hats into the hospital in time for this freezing cold weather. It's a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that those precious ones will be snuggled inside the love we put into making them! That is certainly what makes it worth while to me, nothing could be better!

Merry Christmas ladies! I'm so proud of you!

 Just a reminder that our very first Knotty Christmas Party will be on Tuesday, December 21st at Aunt Edith's home. The festivities will be from 10am - 3pm. I will be bringing a deli tray, Leann is bringing croissants (yum!), and I believe Aunt Edith is making a dessert. So if you'd like to bring a treat to share then that would be wonderful but we won't starve if you don't!

Also, I know I promised to get the blog spruced up a bit but honestly I've been so busy that I forgot! I am making it a New Year's resolution to have our new look live in the first week of 2011. Suggestions welcome! See you next week!


  1. Yay for Chris! I imagine you're correct in your assumption that not many people donate stuff to newborns. They don't think it's needed. I agree; we should do more baby stuff.

  2. I'm so glad that Chris was able to take in our newborn baby donation! So glad that the newborns will have the warmth around them when they leave the hospital in this very cold weather. God Bless the hands that made them & the parents who receive them for the new little ones! :)

  3. Thats great that chris could do it!! I am glad they got dropped off as well in this horrible cold . I am only saddened we didnt get to do our Lunch out for them .

  4. Me too Amanda! But we can do lunch when we take the next batch in :)