05 April 2012

So Close to Done


There is still paper to be pulled, sections to be sewn, lots of border work, some embroidery, & of course the sandwiching & quilting, but the long, slow process of sewing the squares is done :) All 3,264 of them. Makes me happy :D ~Aimee

31 March 2012

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30 March 2012

8 Adorable Easter bunnies and lambs to knit & crochet #Pinteresting

Easter is just over a week away but there is still plenty of time to whip up one of these super sweet critters for your little one's basket! I am in love with the sweet floppy eared bunny! All of these patterns can be found free on the Lion Brand website!

Just look at this little crocheted cutie! I want one... or a dozen!

3 Giveaways

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Friday Finish ~ A Tisket, A Tasket.....

...some Easter Bunny Baskets :)

12 March 2012

To Be Fair, I Needed Almost All of It

I had a lovely time shopping with Miss Bea today :) And boy, can the two of us do some fabric shopping. Neither clouds nor rain nor grumpy chauffeurs (thank you, dad) kept us from our appointed spending.

We hit Joann's first. The NFL fabric is the backing for my next quilt. Thank goodness for 50% off coupons. I really really really wanted that fabric, but did not want to pay full price for it. Turns out half of my bobbins didn't work with my new machine, so I picked up some replacements. I didn't actually need the yard of batik or the novelty FQ's, but, um, they were on sale.

09 March 2012

Pixelated Angel ~ Only 1,344 Pieces Left

Up at 3:45 this morning. Seems I'm about a week ahead of Daylight Savings Time. Maybe by
Monday or so I'll start keeping normal, human hours again. But waking up uber-early seems to be working very well for me, as far as this quilt goes.
Managed to finish off three & a half more blocks today. Might have managed more, but the next 5 lines I did I seriously messed up. So I'm done with sewing on it for the night. I may set up the pieces for the next few block sets. I've learned from experience not to work too far ahead. For some reason cats & dogs find well ordered little blocks of fabric completely irresistible.

08 March 2012

March Meeting Highlights + a finished project

Today's meeting was so much fun girls! It was nice to sit and visit and chat and talk over each other  and nibble on goodies and try to refrain from shaking a certain someone whom we all love so much ;) I think we did a good job of cheering up a dreary and rainy day, even if you all had to travel through the mud-pit-that-used-to-be-my-road to get here!

Aimee and Mom arrived a few minutes ahead of Aunt Edith this morning. Aimee immediately pulled out her finished Teddy Bear Quilt and proceeded to pick it apart by pointing out all of her 'errors' {insert sisterly eye roll here}. Pu-leeze! That quilt is totally adorable and quilt-y and beautiful! She gave the finished quilt to Aunt Edith who said she would treasure it forever, lol!