16 May 2011

Henrietta's new toy!

I hope all of the Knotty Ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day this year! I was surprised that my hubby bought me a brand spankin' new Brother sewing machine! WOOHOO!! I was a tad bit excited ;)

Look! I can even get all fancy schmancy with all these different stitches! I see lots and lots of sewing in my future :) WOOT!


  1. Henrietta, that is a wonderful Mother's Day gift! You, know I love Runway Project Show! I watch it every year! I had no idea that brother had this. Look like your getting to know your sewing machine, that is good! loving the samples you put up, very nice! I hope to see a lot of things made by you on this brothers sewing machine! Happy sewing girl! :)

  2. What a WONDERFUL Mother's Day present! How lucky can you get? I AM EX-CY-TATED for YOU!