25 February 2012

One for the Bin

I love this type of quilt. It's a great way to use up all of those odd-off fabrics that seem to accumulate when you sew & quilt. I have some upholstery samples in this one, some prints that were flawed, even some craft panel instruction pieces ;)
It *may* be that this quilt was started about 14 months ago. It *may* be that it only needed the binding on one side put on to be finished (ahem). It also very well *may* be true that I am easily distracted. Oh, well, it's done now.

Turns out when I did my accounting of projects the other day, I forgot 2. A tooth fairy doll, which will hopefully be done at some point before my daughter gets all of her adult teeth, & The Pink Quilt. Yeah, how in the world did I forget The Pink Quilt?

Linking to Richard Quilts: Link A Finish Friday & Such A Sew & Sew February Finishes, because, hey, 2 finishes in one week for me? Totally brag-worthy :)


  1. Absolutely brag worthy! I love this little scrappy quilt! Such a fun collection of fabrics! Beautiful job and congrats on a really great finish!

    xo -E

    P.S. Thank you for linking up!

  2. Love it! Also, I have been wondering what happened to that Pink quilt!