08 November 2010

Welcome to the Knotty Stitchers Blog!

   Hi! Henrietta here doing the inaugural post on our blog :) This is our little spot for members of The Knotty Stitchers to share what they've made, fun resources, and ideas with each other. Our most recent project was to fill two totes with knitted, sewn, and crocheted items for the NICU and maternity ward at one of our local hospitals. 

   Our original plan had been to make items for preemie babies but after speaking with a very nice lady at the hospital we were told that they have a need for more than just preemie items. She said that there are many many young single mothers who come in, they do not have much and would be so appreciativeve of anything we could donate. So with that information in mind, we set out to make as many blankets, hats, and booties as we could in a variety of sizes and colors. 

So proud of you ladies for all your hard work!

   Leann took a final tally and I believe we have 33 various blankets with just as many hats and booties to take in. We have tentative plans to take a group field trip to the hospital to donate the items then go out for a ladies lunch. This will be scheduled at our next meeting, which is tomorrow!

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