08 March 2012

March Meeting Highlights + a finished project

Today's meeting was so much fun girls! It was nice to sit and visit and chat and talk over each other  and nibble on goodies and try to refrain from shaking a certain someone whom we all love so much ;) I think we did a good job of cheering up a dreary and rainy day, even if you all had to travel through the mud-pit-that-used-to-be-my-road to get here!

Aimee and Mom arrived a few minutes ahead of Aunt Edith this morning. Aimee immediately pulled out her finished Teddy Bear Quilt and proceeded to pick it apart by pointing out all of her 'errors' {insert sisterly eye roll here}. Pu-leeze! That quilt is totally adorable and quilt-y and beautiful! She gave the finished quilt to Aunt Edith who said she would treasure it forever, lol!

Mom was excited to let us know that the apartment is getting new carpet and a fresh coat of paint this week which means her and Lee will be moving very soon! She's been packing and sorting like crazy trying to get ready to go! This is sad, but I have no idea whether mom was working on a project or not because we were all so busy talking that I didn't even notice what anyone else was working on!

Oops. I think we've all been cooped up in the house for a little too long. Adult conversation with someone other than a kid or a husband is wonderful!

Aunt Edith finished two more knitted squares for the bin. She also passed around a new craft magazine that she subscribed to around and was happy to tell us about the new book she bought called The Tasha Tudor Cookbook.

Aimee added a cute little scrappy patchwork quilt to the bin.

Amanda showed us the camouflage elephant that she started crocheting for her son Michael, who is stationed at Camp Lejeune. He has collected elephants for years. It's going to be so cute when she finishes it up!

I found an old project in the bottom of my tote this morning and decided to work on it today. After a year {possibly a bit longer} I can happily say that my gorgeous shell afghan is finally finished! WooHoo!

Well, mostly finished. I still need to weave all the loose ends in. I'll get to it soon, Promise! Sad to say, I believe this is the first project I've actual finished since the Christmas Doily I made mom for our exchange!

I'm loving how lacy and stretchy this soft and cozy afghan is! The single crochet trim curls up just like a comfy old sweater :). 

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