30 January 2011

A Thank You, A Surprise, & An Almost-Finished Valentine's Quilt

First, a big Thank You to Kelli from Small Town Stitcher for sending me all this awesome fabric (& some quilty magazines/books, which are not pictured). As soon as I finish up a few more projects, I'll be making a few more baby quilts out of these :)

Second, remember how I was all whiny about how I didn't have a walking foot for my machine? Well, Tuesday after the meeting, The Husband says, Can I go play with my friends? & I was all like sure , go. I'll be here working on this (you'll see in a minute). Tricky man. He actually went all the way to Jo-Ann's & got me this:

Yup, a brand-new walking foot :) Isn't he awesome?

This is what I've been working on:

Kitten wanted a Valentine quilt. It's almost done but for the binding. It isn't perfect, & you know what? It's not bothering me near as much as you'd think :) It's all poofy, floofy awesomeness & it's not that bad for my first large machine-quilted quilt.

Hopefully I'll have the binding done in time for bedtime tonight.


  1. What wonderful surprise getting a brand new walker foot! now don't have to hear no more whining about that..lol & more fabric & books how wonderful for you! So happy for you! Love the beautiful quilt you made. It must have been great to put that together with a walking foot! you'll have to show me some day how that works. how long did it take to sew a quilt that size on machine? Now i'm sure will be seeing a whole lot from your sewing world. thank-you, for sharing you exciting news. Bea.

  2. I love love love <3 your Valentine quilt! Really like how the background goes with the soft pink, you need to bring it to our next meeting so we can see it in person :) How sweet of your guy to pick that up for you! I guess they do listen once in a while right!

  3. This was just DARLING!!!! I really LOVE how this one turned out . looks GREAT aimee!!!!