12 February 2011

Bea ~ Grandma's Flower Garden Quilts

Hey, Bea! 'Member how we were discussing (on our way to an awesome lunch & an even awesomer shopping trip) your hexies & you weren't sure what to do with them? Well, while scrolling through my reader, I came across this post from It's All About the Fabric. There's also an article on eHow with instructions :) Hope you find this helpful.


  1. That quilt is gorgeous, I've always loved that pattern but never attempted it. Maybe someday!

  2. Thank-you some much Aimee for taking me out to a wonderful lunch! And the great gift card for my early birthday gift! :) I'm glad that we got to go to Joann Fabrics too! Also thanks for the How To..information that you found for me. Bea.