06 March 2011

"Monkey Shine!" Quilt

I started another monkey quilt for a baby boy! This blue sky fabric with Monkey swinging with bananas,was donated to me from my daughter, Henrietta. The bright banana yellow fabric was donated to me from my step-daughter, Aimee. I bought the white fabric with the blue and yellow daisies along with the blue fabric for the back of quilt from a discount store! The brown fabric with the colorful butterfly I bought from, Joann fabrics!

I named this baby quilt.." Monkey Shine" Thanks to both my daughters, I was able to put a quilt together for a dear family friend of mine.This quilt is for their first grand-son!


  1. I love it!!!! You have been working so hard on all these things I am excited to see what is coming next !!! keep it up.

  2. I love you. Now stop it. Seriously. I'm jealous of the amount of work you get done; not to mention the fact that you actually finish things :)Sigh.
    It's beautiful Bea. Glad my wee piece of clothe went into something so lovely. (I give to you in self-defense; if I didn't I'd be crushed by fabric!)