12 March 2011

New Store in Town! Shopping!

After our last Knotty Stitchers meeting I had ran into town to dry some clothes and found myself checking out a new store that open up! And here are some photos of what I found and brought back home with me!

I also fell in love with a basket that I didn't get at that time, then dreamed for two day of it. So had my daughter take me back into town today, praying the whole time that the basket would still be there. To my amazement, it was! Thank-You, God!:)

I'm so happy that this new store has open in our little town!


  1. Looks like you brought home quite a haul :) I'll get up there one of these days. Sigh.

  2. Aimee, I think you will like it. It needs more fabrics & sewing items. They still had some yarns! Edith, has stop in there & got some yarn, also.

  3. Honestly, I don't know where mom got all that crafty stuff! they didn't have much today when we were there. Also, I would have picked you up but Super G. went with us because we had to stop at a friend's so he could fix her light! Next time!

  4. Henrietta~~~
    I couldn't have gone anyway! Super G's brother (also known as The Husband) left this morning at 9:30 am & didn't return until almost 7. Working on the van, don't you know :( I was going to make him take me today; pfft!

  5. Well I hope it's running better now after all those hours of working on it, lol!