02 April 2011

Donate to Charity for a chance to win

 Here is a really fun giveaway that I found over on the Inchworm Fabric blog. I planned on taking photos of the items we're taking to donate on Tuesday so will submit one for our group post the images to Facebook for you to grab if you like! I encourage you to all submit your own photos as well, it sounds fun!

I'm copy/pasting the info from the original giveaway details page found on Martingale & Company's website.

Charitable-Giving Campaign Takes Off
As part of our 35th anniversary celebration, we’re happy  to announce that Martingale & Company®, home of  That Patchwork Place®, has launched a charitable-giving  campaign called Share the Warmth. Our goal is to encourage  quilters, knitters, and crafters around the world to join us in creating at least 3,500 quilts, blankets, afghans, and throws for donating to local charities.

  • You’re encouraged to give your donation to any charity of your choice.
  • Quilts, blankets, and throws may be of any size and for any age.
  • We’ll keep a running tally on our website to show the number of projects donated. To be counted in our tally, email a photo of your project(s) to sharethewarmth@martingale-pub.com . Include your name, location, charity, and the number of donated items per photo. (Photos of projects completed but not yet given to charity before the campaign began are also welcome and eligible for prizes.)
  • Multiple donations may be included in one photo. We’ll post all submitted project photos in our Share the Warmth gallery on Flickr.
Of course the joy of giving is the best reason to participate, but here’s another good reason to share your photos: we’re offering prizes!
  • We’ll randomly select 35 individual participants to receive a free craft book of their choice.
  • We encourage quilting guilds to participate. One guild will be randomly selected to receive a free 35-book library.
  • The random drawings will be held Thursday, December 1, 2011, or when the tally reaches 3,500 donations, whichever comes first.
Spread the Word
Help us spread the word by promoting the program through your blog or on Facebook. To grab the logo or a blog button, click here.
Questions? Call 800-426-3126. 

Sounds like fun right! Since we're already donating items I thought it would be fun to participate! 

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  1. I love this idea ! I've already join on facebook! :)to follow along ! Also to see groups and what they are doing too! I hope we at The Knotty Stitchers will join in the fun, of giving too and also share the warmth!