14 April 2011

The Knotty Stitchers Field trip Highlights

Well, we finally took our long awaited Knotty field trip on April 5th. It was such a good time! We have to give a big thank you to our driver, Lee, for putting up with a van load of gabbing women all day! Love you lots! We made a big round trip picking up and dropping off all along the way!

The first stop after all of us were finally aboard, was to Thurston House in Meadville. Thurston House is a Pregnant and Parenting Teen program that benefits six northwestern PA counties, so we thought it  would be a great place to donate to! Two lovely ladies invited us in and we had a nice chat before heading out to our next stop. It was wonderful meeting you both and we hope the program's participants enjoy the gifts!

Next was Jo-Ann Fabrics! Everyone's favorite fabric and craft store :) Especially when you have coupons... which we did! We spent a good hour browsing, talking, giggling, fabric feeling, and just overtaking the store in general. I love our line at the fabric cutting counter :). Sadly I am never in any pictures! Next time someone is taking a picture of me so I exist darn it!

I think a few of the ladies snuck over to the Thrify Store next door while some of us were still in line, sneaky ladies!

It was an exhausting day but so much fun! I hope we can do something like this again someday! Maybe to a quilt show. I have been looking so if you hear of anything fun let's get the ideas going for summer!

Here's my bounty from the day. There just might be a little something in there that I used for my Spring Thing! {p.s. is yours done yet?} I have to say that the Walking Foot I purchased is the best thing ever! I don't know what I did without it! I'm going back to get the Ruffle Maker attachment very soon :)


  1. I know that I had a good time! Thank-you, Henrietta, for posting the photo's of our Knotty Girls, going out on our 1st field trip, looks like we all where into the fabric! I'm so sorry, that I didn't take some photo's too. I would have gotten a photo of you, if only I would have brought my camera that I had charged the night before..we should have glue a sticker to me..saying "Don't Forget" the camera, so sorry:(

  2. lol, not your fault, I should have thought to hand the camera to someone else for a minute or tow, oh well next time! It was a nice day!