23 May 2011

A very belated post about my Spring Thing project

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I cannot believe that no one has posted about their Spring Thing yet! It's already been well over a month since the meeting where we shared our fun creations with each other and it's high time to share with everyone else!

If you remember, our challenge was to make something for ourselves, since we're always making for others it's nice to have something to call our own once in awhile! I knew exactly what I wanted and am fairly happy with the way it turned out. My Spring Thing was a pretty quilted table runner.

I used some gorgeous fabric with birds, wood pattern, birdhouses, and trees in soft natural colors. What I am most proud of is the binding. I made it myself and even hand stitched the backside, it turned out beautifully and I am no longer scared to make it! Yay me! {the composition book cover was an after thought just to use up some strips left over from my runner, i love it!}

Usually we bring a bag lunch to our Knotty meetings but for this special day we had a potluck buffet. Bea (mom) made delicious tortilla roll-ups; one filled with cream cheese and crab, and one with cream cheese and ham. Aimee brought yummy crab cakes to share. I tried my hand at making three different quiches, and a big bowl of fruit salad. the quiches turned out okay, I think next time they really need to be served warm.

After everyone left Amanda, Mom, and I had fun trying to get a decent picture... this is the best one... notice our lovely "I am so DONE with this" expressions, lol, Love you girls!

Now ladies, let me see your Spring Thing Posts too!

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  1. I going to try to get my Spring Thing project up also, if I can only get my photo to upload on here for me. Been having problems, going to try again. Thank-you for posting about what you did for your Spring project. I love book cover & table runner,.I love the fabrics you used! Your project turn out very NICE! Also the food was great & it was fun sharing our projects!