19 January 2012

January meeting highlights

Well despite the snow, Mom, Aunt Edith and I managed to have a fun meeting! It was so nice to get together after the holiday break! We did miss seeing Aimee, Amanda and Lisa though and hope they will be able to make it to the next meeting (February 2nd). 

We all had little projects to work on and think we mostly accomplished something today! Mom was sewing  binding on a comforter for a sister and had almost finished it up. Aunt Edith was working on a pair of slippers in camo yarn. I can't remember who she said she was making them for though! I was able to finish 4 and 1/2 granny square blocks for the squares bin. I found a pretty pattern for this Grandma All Round square that combines round and square rows. I like the way it turned out! The pattern is so simple too! I typed it out if anyone would like a copy just let me know.

Mom volunteered to drop off the finished items at Thurston House. Her and Lee have an appointment in Meadville next week so they suggested that they could just zip over and drop off those items. 

Hope everyone stays warm, it's snowing like crazy here and we called the meeting to an end a little bit early so Aunt Edith could get home before she was snowed in :)


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