07 January 2012

Quality vs Quantity?

I just ran across this article on the Fave Crafts blog. I vaguely remember shooting off a quick reply to a newsletter email before the holidays took over, then I must have forgotten all about it! 

Luckily this month's newsletter arrived this week and along with a new question, it had a link to the old one where I found my quote! Not a big deal, especially since there are a couple of dozen other quotes in the article, but still I was excited to see it there along with a link to A Hen's Nest! 

Then I thought, why not come and ask you what your thoughts are on the subject? When it comes to crafting, which is better: quality or quantity?

While I meant what I said about preferring quality, I think that a lot of times my very idea of quality is what often holds me back when I am trying to create something -- whether it's a craft, recipe, photograph, blog post -- whatever. I get so caught up in the 'quality' that many times instead of enjoying the process, I become frustrated with myself for not 'getting it right' or not being able to create something that I feel is up to my idea of quality standards. 

I'd really like to know your thoughts on the quality vs. quantity subject, and how you combat yourself when you doubt the quality of your own work.

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