04 March 2012

My New Machine & This Week's Plans

Sewing machine shopping yesterday. You'd think that would be fun, but with a cranky 6 year old & an even crankier 18 year old along for the ride, not so much. 150 mile round trip, 6 or 7 stops, & I ended up with the sewing machine I originally wanted in the first place. Yeah, it's a beast :) And $50 off, so bonus. Total pass for The Husband for the next week or so, since it was his birthday. Yuppers, gotta love a man that will take you sewing machine shopping on his birthday

I'm pretty happy with this machine. It's heavy duty, & I *think* even I won't be able to destroy this one for a while ;) I wish the throat were bigger (it's actually a bit smaller than my old one) but I'm pretty sure I can still muscle most of my quilts through there. The other ones I looked at all looked like children's toys; no thank you.

Gonna spend most of this week working on the Green X Quilt. 8 squares down, 40 to go. I've actually thought of a better way to do this, & likely will use the massive quantity of blue fabric I have in a similarly constructed quilt.

I hope to be done with this top by the end of this week. Shouldn't be that hard, if I don't get distracted ;) Hopefully I'll also have time to work on the corner blocks for The Pink Quilt, too. Gonna do a Lady of the Lake Feathered Star block, a Bargello & Round the World blocks, & a Lone Star block, all at about 15".

And I haven't forgotten your quilt, Bea. It's next on the to-do list; I just needed a break from those one inch squares.

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  1. Ooh! That one should last you awhile! Very nice!