07 March 2012

WiP Wednesday ~ Pixelated Angel

Only 1 square done today :( You'd think, having been awoken at 4:30 am, I'd have gotten more done. Unfortunately, no, that's not how my life works. I think the phone rang every single time I sat down at the sewing machine. Oh, well. 100 more pieces closer to finished; it'll get there.

Lookie what came in the mail for me today! A box of pretties I won from Granma's Charms. She's been destashing & cleaning up her sewing room. Looks like she'll be holding another giveaway in the near future :)

Washed 2 finished quilts today. Am I the only one convinced that they'll disintegrate into rags the minute they hit the water? I'm sure (every time) I'm going to pull a shredded, thready, destroyed quilt out of the washer/dryer. Both quilts made it through just fine, I think it's just a paranoid fear of mine.

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