14 March 2011

A Free Donation

I got a call tonight! >>"Have Something For You" Just come down, have very nice light blue fabric for to make boy shirts, for your shoe-boxes. Ok, I'll be right down! Yippy Fabric! Oh< Ya<...But, didn't dream of getting this much! Oh, Ya!!..got a box & three bags! that I pick up for FREE!! I will be using alot of this fabric to make clothes for the shoe boxes for little girls & boys all over the world! Thank-YOU!!:) so much for the great donation, of Fabrics. God Bless YOU! Aimee :) We can always use FABRIC Donations!


  1. You're very welcome :) Of course, the facts that a) we barely made a dent & b) you made The Husband at least slightly happy (about 2% less chance of being crushed by fabric & yarn in his sleep) & c) Dude, we're totally going to JoAnn's next week are hardly important here ;)

  2. Oh, & fabulous job on stuffing all of that in one basket. Hee, hee, at least dad won't be all like, How. Could. You. {Snicker}

  3. awesome! That should keep you busy for a little while at least! My room is halfway there -- another day or two and some stuffing and cramming and balancing and I might actually be able to sew again too!