14 March 2011

Kaylas blanket

   This is a picture of a blanket I had started for my daughter . I have come to realize it has been sitting aside now for almost a year and is nearly half finished. I decided today that I am going to get back to work on this and finally get it finished for my daughter so she can actually use it on her bed instead of it lying somewhere in a box forgotten and half done.


  1. Amanda, I love the design & the colors of this blanket! She is really going to like this a lot:)..LOVE >> the >>Hearts ! you could even weave pretty ribbon threw the holes of the hearts. Oh, I know make this in all white or cream & put colored ribbon threw it..ya that sounds so pretty, to put on top of the bed like a bed-spread!I just love this! I would like to get pattern from you, please.. Bea.

  2. Pretty. Love the colors. The hearts are something different & oh, so cute. Very nice :)

  3. I remember this! Been wondering if you ever finishe! It's going to be just beautiful!