11 March 2011

I Will Love Him & Pet Him & Call Him George

First, I would like to point out that I am obviously not the only person to remember this cartoon :)

But since Bea asked, here's the answer. Enjoy :)


  1. How could anyone not remember that cartoon!

  2. oh, my goodness this is to funny, I haven't seen this in some time.lol so you what to name your fabric George,Ok, Etta or I need to get a photo of you petting, hugging ,loving the fabric you won first..lol..Etta, I think she should share George with us..lol

  3. Bea~ Ha! Share? But...but...but...
    I did want to make a pinwheel quilt out of it, but now I wonder if I should make bunny & carrot blocks out of it (there's a nice orange in this line) & name the quilt George :)

    Henrietta ~ I know, right?

  4. don't make a bunny & carrot block..just use your fabric in a beautiful way & then name it George to remember the fabric that you got. you should make it for yourself so that you can lay with George..lol

  5. Bea~~
    You know that sounds a bit "Knotty", don't you? Hee-hee.