11 March 2011

More Squishy Awesomeness :)

Another squishy package in the mail today.

Hmm. What Could It Be?

Moda & Hoffman & Marble, Oh, My!

Yup, my order from Thousands of Bolts came already!

So I Cut Up the Red & Cream...

And Made My First Block for Just One Star.

It seems huge, but that may only be because I've been working with the wee 6 1/2" blocks.


  1. Very pretty! I got a package yesterday and today too but they're both books not fabric lol!

  2. I wish for this good in my mailbox..lol anyways, Aimee,I like your block! :) So, I'm understanding that the reds or blues are solids no small design or dots in fabric? Also wondering if it's only white? or can we use creams? and can it be with tiny design in them? I'm hoping to make some today! :) will at least one..hey, can we make more than one..and did you see we have to sign them in on area of block with name & state, with brown pigma pen. ok waiting to hear from you.