09 March 2012

Pixelated Angel ~ Only 1,344 Pieces Left

Up at 3:45 this morning. Seems I'm about a week ahead of Daylight Savings Time. Maybe by
Monday or so I'll start keeping normal, human hours again. But waking up uber-early seems to be working very well for me, as far as this quilt goes.
Managed to finish off three & a half more blocks today. Might have managed more, but the next 5 lines I did I seriously messed up. So I'm done with sewing on it for the night. I may set up the pieces for the next few block sets. I've learned from experience not to work too far ahead. For some reason cats & dogs find well ordered little blocks of fabric completely irresistible.

If all goes well, I should have this ready to sandwich by next Friday. Monday is set aside for the Disaster Area Reclamation Project (or *housework*, as the rest of the world calls it), but the rest of the week will be sew, sew, sew :) Any ideas on how to quilt this little lady would be highly appreciated, cuz at this point, I got no clue.

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  1. That is very impressive work! Maybe you can quilt it with swirls to similate air.

  2. Wow, that is a *lot* of pieces. She is beautiful. Great job!

  3. What a cool idea - pixelated images to quilts. A lot of tiny pieces though!

  4. I've wondered how to do pixels into a quilt. Great project. (Maybe you and I could message on those early mornings LOL!)

  5. Wow!!! A puzzle-lover's paradise project. Looking really cool.

  6. That is very very neat! But I can see how it would be easy to get "off-track"! I think I would quilt it on the diagonal - x's through every square. But swirls would be pretty too!